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종교 탐방

Systems of Religious and Spiritual Belief



1 Introduction

2 Nature worship
3 Animism
4 Totemism
5 Ancestor worship
6 Polytheism
7 Pantheism and panentheism
8 Religious dualism
9 Monotheism
10 Theism
11 Deism
12 Agnosticism
13 Atheism
14 Bibliography


1 Introduction

Man, it has been said, is incurably religious. This is an epigrammatic and somewhat facetious statement of the most impressive feature of religions--their wide distribution. All through human history and all through present-day societies, there appears some systematic relation to what is regarded as sacred. To cover all these phenomena, however, the definition of religion must be so comprehensive as to become ambiguous, if not meaningless. Each successive broadening of the geographic horizon, moreover, has necessitated a redefinition of religion to include unfamiliar phenomena and to exclude features that had been part of the older definition because of a generalization based on too few forms. (see also  religious belief)

This article examines the structural categories into which religious and spiritual belief systems, and various repudiations of such systems, are conventionally grouped for comparison and contrast. The more particularized elements of belief within such systems and of practice or worship are treated cross-culturally in the Macropædia articles DOCTRINES AND DOGMAS, RELIGIOUS ; and RITES AND CEREMONIES, SACRED , respectively. The particular religions themselves are discussed in the Macropædia in either of two ways: articles on the non-surviving religions of ancient peoples are grouped under the regional headings MIDDLE EASTERN RELIGIONS, ANCIENT ; and EUROPEAN RELIGIONS, ANCIENT ; and individual articles on the particular extant religions are to be found under their respective names (e.g., CHRISTIANITY ; ISLAM, MUHAMMAD AND THE RELIGION OF ; ZOROASTRIANISM AND PARIISM ). The history and methods of the study of religions are discussed in the Macropædia article RELIGIONS, THE STUDY AND CLASSIFICATION OF .


Nature Worship ] Animism ] Totemism ] Ancestor Worship ] Ploytheism ] Pantheism and Panentheism ] Religious Dualism ] Monotheism ] Theism ] Deism ] Agnosticism ] Atheism ] Bibliography ]

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