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Item Cost
Trading Books for Soldiers (20 pages; $3 per copy; 10 or more @ $2 each) Exposes how local school districts across the country subsidize military high school programs -- JROTC -- often at the expense of educational programs. It contains case studies from school districts and tips for investigating school district spending on JROTC. 9/99. Summary available on-line.
Making Soldiers in the Public Schools (40 pages; $4.50 per copy; 10 or more @ $3 each) Examines the rapidly growing military presence in US high schools. Careful analysis of JROTC curriculum. Compares claims made by the JROTC with the realities. 4/95, with 4/00 update. Summary available on-line.
JROTC organizing packet ($6.00) More than 30 useful documents selected to help in organizing a campaign to block or remove a JROTC unit. The packet includes details about the JROTC program and JROTC academies; sample fliers and op-eds; evaluations; and reports on successful organizing campaigns.
Military and the Schools packet ($3.00) Packet produced twice yearly. It contains updated information about US military activities in the nation’s public schools, military recruitment, and resources for young people and activists working to rid the schools of a military presence.
Draft Registration and Conscientious Objection information packet ($2.50) Fact sheets and other readings on selective service issues, conscientious objection, and financial aid.
Child Soldier information packet ($3) Background materials on the conditions underlying the use of child soldiers and the efforts to end this practice.
Youth & Militarism resource package ($30) includes "Making Soldiers in the Public Schools," "Trading Books for Soldiers," Military and Schools and JROTC Organizing packets, a video on the JROTC program, and sample resources for young people.
Readings on Schools, Youth, and the Culture of Violence ($2.50) Clippings, resource listings, and study materials.
JROTC: The Military in America's High School: Developing Citizens or Soldiers? (30 minutes, $19) Looks at the debate surrounding JROTC, interviewing policy makers, JROTC instructors and students, and educators and activists who are critical of the program. Produced by the Center for Defense Information.
Blood Makes the Grass Grow: Conscientious Objectors and the Gulf War (48 minutes, $25) Six young people who were US soldiers during the Gulf War tell their stories of how they attempted to become conscientious objectors.
CHOICES (for IBM-compatible computers, $5). Project YANO’s interactive multimedia program that helps young people address questions facing them as they get ready to leave high school.


These items are available for $.15 per copy for up to 50 copies; $.10 per copy for 50 or more copies. Single copies are free. (link to sample order form)

Do You Know Enough to Enlist? online
Examines the realities of military service and offers tips for dealing with military recruiters, in an attractive question and answer format.
¿Tienes Suficiente Información para Registrate en las Fuerza Armadas? online
Examina las realidades del servicio militar y ofrece consejos para tratar con reclutadores militares, en un formato atractivo de preguntas y respuestas.
Ten Points to Consider Before You Sign a Military Enlistment Agreement online
GI Bill: No Sure Bet online
Information about the requirements for getting money under the GI Bill.
Does JROTC Belong in Our Schools? online
Basic fact sheet about JROTC contrasting what students need with what JROTC provides.
JROTC: Sending the Wrong Message about Weapons and Violence online
Points out the contradictions between school anti-violence initiatives and JROTC’s use of weapons.
Is JROTC a Wise Use of Class Time? online
Reports that many high school students don’t receive needed academic course work and that JROTC fails to help students meet college entrance requirements.
Make Our Schools Military-Free Zones
An introduction to the ways the military enters our schools and what you can do.
Draft Registration & Steps Quaker Youth Can Take
Explains the draft and the choices that young people have as well as where to get more information.
What Students and Educators Should Know about Military Testing in our High Schools online
Questions and answers about the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).

These items are available for $.75 each.

Military and Latinos
Information about the military’s increased recruiting attempts in the Latino community and facts about Latinos and the military. online
JROTC and Recruiting
What are the connections between JROTC programs and military recruiting? online
Child Soldiers: Foreign Policy in Focus series
A policy brief including background information, problems with US policy, steps the US should take, and sources for more information. on the Foreign Policy in Focus website
Protecting Children from War
Outlines the problems with the 2000 international Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict. online
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