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  • GI Lies (WAGA-Atlanta, November 8 and 9, 1999) The TV station aired a two-part investigative report on military recruiting in the Southeast US.

  • Use of Children as Soldiers (Foreign Policy In Focus, November 1999)
    Provides an overview of the issue of child soldiers, documents problems with current US foreign policy and offers recommendations for the US to work toward ending the use of children as soldiers.

  • Setting a Standard for War (Newsday, October 1999)
    The U.S. opposes international efforts to end the practice of "child soldiers," citing its military's need to recruit more American youth.

  • AWOL Recruit Claims Fraud (The Lincoln County News, March 4, 1999)
    Misdeeds by military recruiters cause a GI to go AWOL.
  • Offensive Maneuvers (Time Magazine, May 5, 1997) The Army, already troubled by sexually predatory drill sergeants, has a problem with its recruiters too.

  • The Selling of the Army - available on PBS Site - search for title:
    (PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer, January 16, 1996)
    "They're not telling you, you can go to Bosnia; they ain't tellin' you that. They ain't tellin' you nothing about Bosnia, or, you know, other things. They're just telling you they want you to join the army."
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