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American Friends Service Committee
National Youth and Militarism Program
1501 Cherry Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

e-mail: youthmil@afsc.org

Phone: 215-241-7176
Fax: 215-241-7177

Please feel free to contact us by mail, phone, fax, or use the form below to ask us questions or give us your feedback.

Our on-line news magazine usually contains a column called "ASK US." To see a listing of questions we’ve answered in this column go to the Ask Us archives. If we answer your question online, we’ll send you something cool. We also respond directly to you in selected cases.

Please note that due to the high volume of e-mail we receive daily, we may not be able to respond to each comment, but they are important to us.

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Countering military access to our schools (recruiters, JROTC, etc.)
Informing youth about the realities of military service
Stopping the use of child soldiers worldwide
Conscientious objection and supporting the right of people to refuse to participate in war
Working with educators to demilitarize our schools
Draft registration and conscription
Young people’s involvement in peace and justice work
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