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About AFSC's Youth and Militarism Program

Location of program office: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Geographical areas served: United States and Puerto Rico

The AFSC National Youth and Militarism Program addresses the impact of war and military institutions on young people's lives. We conduct public education campaigns, trainings and workshops, do media outreach and communications work, and support grassroots educational and organizing efforts with the aim of:

  • Reducing the influence of the military in the nation's schools and other youth-serving institutions;
  • Promoting non-military, school-based programs that develop leadership skills and a positive involvement in education;
  • Strengthening youth involvement in peacebuilding work;
  • Building a movement in support of quality education for all youth
  • Supporting the right of people to refuse to participate in wars.

Currently, the focus of our work is to challenge the expansion of military programs in the nation's high schools (such as the Junior Reserve Office Training Corps, or JROTC) and to advocate alternatives that address the real needs of students.

E-mail: youthmil@afsc.org
Phone: 215-241-7176
American Friends Service Committee
Youth and Militarism Program
1501 Cherry Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

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