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What Uncle Sam Really Wants

By Noam Chomsky

Copyright © 1993

Noam Chomsky is one of America's most popular speakers, electrifying standing-room-only audiences all over the country as he dissects US foreign policy with insights like these:

  • Contrary to what virtually everyone -- left or right -- says, the United States achieved its major objectives in Indochina. Vietnam was demolished. There's no danger that successful development there will provide a model for other nations in te region.
  • At exactly the moment it invaded Panama...the Bush administration announced new high-technology sales to China [and] lift a ban on loans to Iraq...Compared to Bush's buddies in Baghdad and Beijing, Noriega looked like Mother Teresa.
  • Prospects are pretty dim for Eastern Europe. The West has a plan for it -- they want to turn large parts of it into a new, easily exploitable part of the Third Word.

What Uncle Sam Really Wants is part of the Real Story Series of books. The Real Story Series is based on a simple idea -- political books don't have to be boring. Short, well-written and to the point, Real Story books are meant to be read.


Table of Contents


Editors' forword

Source Material

The main goals of US foreign policy

Devastation abroad

Brainwashing at home

The future



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