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The Prosperous Few

 and the 

Restless Many

By Noam Chomsky

Interviewed by David Barsamian

Copyright © 1994 by David Barsamian


A fascinating state-of-the-world report from the man the New York Times called "arguably the most important intellectual alive." Here are a few excerpts:

  • We now have an international economy and we're moving toward an international state -- "creating," to quote the business press, "a new imperial age with a de facto world government."
  • NAFTA is a secret document whose decisions will override those of Congress, states, localities. It's a real success in the long-term project of depriving democratic structures of any substance.
  • Biotechnology, genetic engineering, designing animal species, etc. is potentially vastly more important than electronics. In fact, compared to the potential of biotechnology, electronics is sort of a frill.
  • I don't think Somalia should be classified as an intervention. It's more of a public relations operation for the Pentagon.... They desperately need some way to prevent the Pentagon budget from declining.

1. The new global economy

2. NAFTA and GATT -- who benefits?

3. Food and Third World "economic miracles"

4. Photo ops in Somalia

5. Slav vs. Slav

6. The chosen country

7. Gandhi, nonviolence and India

8. Divide and conquer

9. The roots of racism

10. The unmentionable five-letter word

11. Human nature and self-image

12. It can't happen here -- can it?

13. Hume's paradox

14. "Outside the pale of intellectual responsibility"

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