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Necessary Illusions 

Thought Control in Democratic Societies

By Noam Chomsky


Table of Contents




Chapter One

Democracy and the Media

Chapter Two

Containing the Enemy

Chapter Three

The Bounds of the Expressible

Chapter Four

Adjuncts of Government

Chapter Five

The Utility of Interpretations


Appendix I

1. The Propaganda Model: Some Methodological Considerations

2. On Critical Balance

Appendix II

1. The Containment Doctrine

2. The Red Scare

Appendix III

1. The Sanctity of Borders

Appendix IV

1. The Craft of "Historical Engineering"

2. The Obligation of Silence

3. The Summits

4. The Media and International Opinion

5. Demolishing the Accords

Appendix V

1. The U.S. and Costa Rican Democracy

2. "The Evil Scourge of Terrorism"

3. Heroes and Devils

4. The "Peace Process" in the Middle East

5. The Best Defense

6. La Prensa

7. "The Courage to Preserve Civil Liberties"

8. The Continuing Struggle

[ Table of Contents ] Preface ] I. Democracy and the Media ] II. Containing the Enemy ] III. The Bounds of the Expressible ] IV. Adjuncts of Government ] V. The Utility of Interpretations ] Appendix I ] Appendix II ] Appendix III ] Appendix IV ] Appendix V ]

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