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Interviews, Debates and Talks

with  Noam Chomsky

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Interviews Top
East Timor On the Brink (9/99)
Interview with David Barsamian.
Frontline Interview on Iraq (1999)
"Chomsky speaks in detail on the armed attack by the United States and Britain on Iraq and on the strategic background to U.S. policy towards Iraq. He characterises the bombing of Iraq as a war crime." Interview by Indian magazine Frontline.
Attack on Iraq (12/98)
Interview with Italian journal "La Repubblica" (in English) on the impending US airstrikes on Iraq.
Comments on Iraq (12/98)
Noam addresses some questions on the situation in Iraq.
Why the US Attacked Iraq (12/98)
A succinct and harsh criticism of the attack on Iraq. From the forum.
Morality and Human Nature (11/98)
Tor Wennerberg interviews Chomsky on morality, human nature and the global economic crisis. 
Sénat Virtuel et Tyrannies Privées (11/98)
An interview in French.
Chomsky on Microsoft (5/98)
ChomskyChat Archive (12/97)
A collection of questions and answers from the ChomskyChat forum on ZNet.
Q and A on Anarchism (12/96)
Exclusive interview for this site!
The Big Idea (2/96)
Andrew Marr interviews Chomsky on the Propaganda Model.
Noam on AOL (10/95)
Transcript of an on-line chat.
Anarchism, Marxism and Hope for the Future (5/95)
Interview in Red and Black Revolution.
Manufacturing Dissent: Noam Chomsky on Journalism (1995)
Interview during trip to Australia.
Noam on the Net (1995)
 Noam's no newbie. From GeekGirl
PeaceWORKS Interview (5/94)
WRCT Interview (3/94)
On NAFTA, the media, activism, the Internet, Haiti, Chiapas, Bosnia, and Burundi.
Counterpoint Interview (10/93)
On the Cold War, Yeltsin, Bosnia, UN.
Jerry Brown Interviews Chomsky (8/93)
Excerpts from Spin Magazine.
Conversations with Michael Albert (1/93)
An extensive 3-part discussion.
    Part I (1/93)
    Part II (1/93)
    Part III (1/93)
Naomi Chase interviews Chomsky (1992)
On linguistics and human nature.
An Unjust War (3/91)
An interview on the Gulf War.
Chomsky on Capitalism (1991)
An interview from the Detroit Metro Times
The Radical Vocation (2/90)
Media criticism, the psychology of the elite, and why Noam nearly voted for Richard Nixon
Interview with David Barsamian (12/89)
On the Cold War, economy, El Salvador, Israel.
Q&A from the Massey Lectures (12/88)
Chomsky fields questions concerning his analysis of the media from a panel of journalists.
Talks Top
Sovereignty and World Order (9/99)
Speech given at Kansas State University reviewing East Timor, Kosovo, and US contempt for the UN.
Whose World Order: Conflicting Visions (9/98)
A speech delivered Sept. 22, 1998, at the University of Calgary.
Ending 20 Years of Occupation: East Timor and U.S. Foreign Policy (12/95)
With Const?cio Pinto, Reed Brody and Allan Nairn
End the Atrocity in East Timor (3/95)
Adapted from speeches given in Australia.
21st Century: Democracy or Absolutism (10/94)
Excerpts from a talk at the University of Illinois.
Democracy and Education (10/94)
Mellon Lecture at Loyola University.
Old Wine, New Bottles: Free Trade, Global Markets and Military Adventures (10/93)
Lecture at the University of Virginia
Media Control (3/91)
Excerpts from a talk at MIT on propaganda in the U.S.
The New World Order (3/91)
A post-Cold War/post-Gulf War analysis. Lecture given at UC-Berkeley.
Debates Top
Power Politics? (3/98)
Former CIA Director James Woolsey "debates" Chomsky on U.S. foreign policy. 
Chomsky debates John Silber (1986)
On U.S. intervention in Latin America.

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