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Signs of Zodiac

GEMINI, the Twins

May 22nd through June 21st


How to Recognize GEMINI

"I wish you woudn't keep appearing And vanishing so suddenly. You make one quite giddy!" This time it vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail, and ending with the grin, which remained for some time after the rest of it had gone.

If there are times when a Gemini person makes you think you're seeing double, don't run out and change your glasses. Just remember that Gemini is the sign of the twins, and there are two distinct sides to his changeable personality. Now you see it, now you don't. Was it love you thought you caught fleetingly on those mobile features? Hate? Ecstasy? Intelligence? Idealism? Sorrow? Joy? The mercurial changes of a Gemini's expression are as fasci?nating to watch as the psychedelic lights in a discotheque. It's hard to tell where reality ends and illusion begins. They blend-then they separate.

Knowing where to look for this versatile creature re?quires a little forethought. He may be one place today and somewhere else tomorrow. Suddenly, too. A Gemini can change his clothes, his job, his love life or his residence as fast as he changes his mind, and that's pretty fast. Find?ing a good example to study may keep you hopping. You could try a bookstore. He's a browser, because he can get the gist of the contents in a brief scanning of the pages. (It's no accident that John F. Kennedy was a speed reader.) Mercury people also have that nasty habit of reading the last page first. If you know a Gemini who has ever read a book from beginning to end without getting bored halfway through, send him to the Smithsonian as a curio (or check his natal chart to see if he has Taurus, Capricorn or one of the more persistent signs on the ascendant). Geminis like to skip back and forth in a book, a pattern of action they also prefer when it comes to things other than reading.

You're sure to find a Gemini or two skimming through the halls and matching wits with people in a radio station, a public relations firm, a publishing house, a telephone an- . swering service, an auto showroom or an advertising agency-if you can catch one between appointments. - When you've found this quicksilver person, study him care?fully, even if you do get exhausted following him around. The first thing you'll notice is a nervous energy that fairly snaps, crackles and pops in the air around him. If he has a Scorpio, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn moon, he may not vibrate with so much obvious crackle, but the snap and pop are latent, and you'll sense their presence under the influence of the other planetary positions. An occasional Gemini will speak slowly, but most of them talk fast. All of them listen fast.

Man or woman, Gemini is impatient with conservative stick-in-the-muds, or with people who can't make up their minds where they stand on particular issues. Gemini knows where he stands, at least for the moment.

Unless there's a conflicting ascendant, the Gemini build is generally slender, agile and taller than average. Many of them have small, sharp features, as if they were cut in a cameo. You'll find some with brown eyes, of course, but the majority of those ruled by Mercury will have beautiful, crystal-clear hazel, blue, green or gray eyes that twinkle and dart here and there. Geminis never rest their eyes on one object for more than a few seconds. In fact, their alert, quick-moving eyes are often the easiest way to recognize them. The complexion tends to be rather pale, yet they usually tan easily, and that's the way to spot them in the summer. (In the winter, they often have wind bums from swooping down a ski slope.)

There's an eagerness about Geminis, an immediate, sym?pathetic friendliness, and unusually quick, but graceful movements. The hair can be light or dark or both-like, streaked. Twins, remember? The nose is likely to be long and straight or dainty-in either case, probably well formed. There's frequently a receding hairline in the men (from all that activity in the brain, perhaps), and both sexes normally have rather high foreheads.

It's usually a mistake to try to pin Geminis down to either one place or one idea. It's always a mistake to challenge them to a battle of wits, because they can talk them?selves in and out of situations with the greatest ease. They think fast on their feet (or in any other position); they can be sharply satirical, and they're more clever than al?most anybody. Some Mercury people take a mischievous delight in disconcerting slower minds with their lightning fast mental processes. How would you like to get into an argument with Gemini Bob Hope?

A June person will sometimes appear to light near you, like an inquisitive bird, survey the scene with excited curiosity, then dart off in a different direction almost before you can say hello. I often join a Gemini friend in Lindy's for cheesecake and some casual conversation. He's thirty-five to forty years old, but he looks like a college student, which is typical of Gemini's ageless appearance. For a while well talk pleasantly, interrupting each other and easily bouncing from one topic to another. Then I'll search in my purse for a compact or a pencil, look up-and like some disappearing artist in a magic act, my Gemini friend has vanished into thin air, taking the check with him. (The more unevolved types use this agility to leave you with the check.) When he pulls one of those fast dissolves, I glance around the room anxiously, and suddenly, there he is-making a phone call or waving to me gaily as he skips out the door to who-knows-where.

This particular Gemini was recently engaged to a won?derful Aquarian girl (if anyone can cope with an elusive Gemini, it's an Aquarian), and a week before the wedding, five would get you twenty anywhere on Broadway that he would find a way to slip out of the noose-that somehow, he wouldn't make it to the church on time. But he did. Geminis can surprise you. Especially when they're in love.

One of my favorite Geminians is a Mercury woman who-typically-runs Belles Limited, a New York answer?ing service. The play. The Bells Are Ringing, was based on her life. Possibly due to being glued to the telephone twenty hours a day, she's not quite as light on her feet as she was when she used to brighten Billy Rose's chorus line. You couldn't call her agile, since she seldom gets a chance to leave her switchboard, but still she gives the impression of flying around, even when she's immobile. Like most Gemini females, she has an extremely pretty, interesting face, with intelligence stamped on every feature, and her quick Mercury hands flutter in the air like lively birds.

Using more charm and wit than the law allows, she cheerfully solves everyone's problems in the twinkling-of one of her clear, blue eyes. I've watched this woman

" find a baby sitter and a pair of gerbils for a customer, make out the grocery list, write thirty-two checks (one of her favorite occupations), phone a Broadway producer on a-yacht in the Caribbean, send nine telegrams, fold the fam?ily laundry, figure the week's working schedule for her operators, find her husband's blue tie, write down the di?rections for the shop where he could pick up some tropical fish for their son, snap four Polaroid pictures of the dog, open and read her monthly bills (then absently file them in the wastebasket), help a casting office locate an actress who speaks six languages, and give twelve clients a wake-up call -all in the space of a little over an hour without leaving her swivel chair. Go top that.

The secret is in the Geminian duality. They can do two. things at once with less effort than it takes most of us to do one. Mercury women often iron, feed the baby and talk on the phone at the same time. Some people swear that all Geminis were born with a phone in each hand.

Any kind of routine can make a typical Geminian feel like a droopy bird in a cage with his wings clipped. These people resent drudgery and monotony almost fiercely. Usually, they aren't the most punctual souls in the world (unless they happen to have a Virgo ascendant, in which case they become human alarm clocks). The typical Gemini, however, always arrives late, not because he for?gets the time, but because something caught his interest on the way and sidetracked him. The restless Mercurial nature demands constant excitement and change or the spirit be?comes dejected and morose.

If you have a Mercury friend, you've probably already experienced a common Gemini habit that can be so annoy?ing it can give you ulcers. He'll suggest some activity to you, like dropping over to his apartment (it will seldom be a house-too permanent), catching an old Humphrey Bo-gart film with an Our Gang comedy (double feature, naturally-he doesn't play singles), driving out to a miniature golf range to practice a little putting or stopping in Jack Dempsey's for a few Bloody Marys. You're tired and you're on the way home. You thank him anyway, but ask for a rain check. The Gemini argues with you. Con?vincingly. He turns on those baby blues (or greens or browns) and weaves a cocoon of charm around you. He talks so fast and his smile is so persuasive that, after a while, you give in. You'll go. He has a few errands to run, so he says he'll meet you on the comer in about an hour. That you didn't expect so you start to back out, but he turns on his technique again, and you finally agree to meet him. It's a real drag, killing the hour, and besides, your feet hurt, but you manage to do it, and you show up on the comer at the appointed time. Good old Jim is a half hour late and a little out of breath when he gets there. Guess what? He's changed his mind. He's really beat. He's decided to call it a day, hit the sack-and make the scene tomorrow night. You don't mind, do you? Only a Gemini could avoid a sock in the jaw at that point. But he does. You for?give him, and what's really ridiculous is that you'll actually meet him the next night, like you had good sense or some?thing. You've only yourself to blame for succumbing to the irresistible Gemini sales pitch. If you get stood up again the following evening, you have it coming. It serves you right for letting him sweet talk you.

There's a deep-seated need in all June people to dis?guise their true motives. Like the Pisces they feel a com?pulsion to behave in a way exactly opposite to their real de?sires. But this amazing Gemini versatility and facility of speech makes them terrific politicians, not to mention ex?perts in the field of human relationships. A Gemini knows how to swerve you from your most stubbornly held con?victions. He can twist you like a pretzel with his mental karate, get you to agree with him and love him for doing it to you. But if trouble develops, he knows instinctively just where the skeletons are buried in your closet, and he can use his fast mind and clever tongue to rattle those bones dangerously.

There's a strange thing about Geminis and writing. The Sun sign itself rules writing. Therefore, practically every Mercury man or woman can turn a clever phrase and string words together intelligently. You'll find whole slews of them writing speeches, commercials, documentaries, plays and books. But the books will be novels, textbooks, nonfiction or biographies. Very seldom will you find the Geminian writing his own life story. And it's extremely rare to find one who likes to write personal letters. The typical Gemini hates to answer correspondence. He'll procrastinate for weeks.

It may seem to be contradictory at first, but the reason is clear, when you realize the reluctance of Mercury people to be pinned down to an opinion. They hesitate to put their thoughts on paper because they instinctively know that what they believe today, they may not believe tomorrow- and they don't want to be committed in writing. Few Geminis need to be warned by their attorneys to "Say it, don't write it." They were born with that defense mech?anism. There are an astonishing number of Gemini authors who choose to use a pseudonym-and even the average Geminian will eventually find some reason to adopt an alias -either a complete change-a different spelling, or at the very least, a nickname. The rule is so consistent, you can win a nice nest egg betting on it with all the Geminis you know.

Almost every Gemini speaks, understands or reads more than one language and French is the favorite. One way or another, the Gemini will triumph with words. He cut his teeth on Webster's Unabridged. He can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo or dreams to a pessimist. If you happen to catch him in some dodge, he can change the subject so fast, and direct the conversation away from himself so adroitly, that the whole affair ends with you on the carpet instead of him. Sometimes the Mercury tendency to fool people can lead to dishonesty or criminal activity, but not as often as you've been led to believe. Although his talents can tempt an occasional Gemini to live in a web of lies and decep?tion, most of them are too idealistic for a life of crime. Still it must be admitted Mercury gives them superior equip?ment for success in that field-and they can be brilliant con artists if they choose. With their manual dexterity, if they pick a pocket, forge a check or counterfeit a sawbuck, at least they're neat about it and seldom get caught.

If you come across a smooth-talking used car salesman who was born in June, and he tells you the blue Studebaker had just one former owner-a little old lady who drove it only to church every Sunday morning-you'd be wise to ask the name of the church and check with the little old lady (unless she's a Gemini, too). But seriously, unless the afflictions and planetary positions in the natal chart are marked, the majority of Geminis are honest-and some of them are even painfully honest to a fault. They seem to go from one extreme to another. Yet, they all-petty thief- con man-and upstanding citizen alike-will be unable to resist putting a light coat of varnish on a story at times. Of course, that's not lying. That's imagination.

As promoters, all Mercury people are absolutely superb. They have no equal, not even Aries. The promotions can be strictly aboveboard, but few people are strong enough to outlast the combination of charm and sharp intellect Gemini dishes out, and that alone may be taking unfair advantage. When a Gemini tackles a worthwhile project- to sell something mankind deeply needs and wants, the angels smile on him, and we can thank those born under this Sun sign for many great and lasting improvements which have benefited all of us. At heart, every Mercury-ruled person is a salesman, even the Gemini Jesuit priests and Protestant missionaries. Take two entirely divergent examples which prove it. Gemini John F. Kennedy sold the whole world a shining ideal-and Gemini Michael Todd sold Broadway a dream or two. Each in his own way, a Mercury child. Both the world and Broadway are notori?ously jaded and hard to sell.

Geminis need to rest their busy brains with twice as much sleep as anyone else. Unfortunately, since they're so susceptible to insomnia, they rarely get enough. Neverthe?less, they should try hard to achieve rest, rest and more rest, to heal those jangled nerves and renew the over-active brain cells, because nervous exhaustion is a constant threat. Gobs of fresh, unpolluted air and barrels of bright sunshine are also necessities to keep them out of hospitals. A lack of any of these, plus suppression of activity-can make Geminis susceptible to accidents and infections involving the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. The lungs may be weak, also the intestines. Problems involving the feet, back, elimination, arthritis, rheumatism and migraine headaches are always a possibility for the Mercury people who neglect their health. The odd thing is that the Gemini can suffer an emotional breakdown more easily from boredom and confinement than from over-activity.

Deep inside his searching, impatient nature, the Gemini seeks an ideal, and his chief problem is in recognizing what it is. It could be anything, since his imagination knows no boundaries. Money, fame, wealth, love and career are never quite enough. Mercury calls Gemini higher and higher-on and on-above and beyond, with a seductive promise of something always just a little better. The grass always looks greener just across the road. The sky is bluer over another ocean. The star* shine brighter in a different place. What is it he seeks? Perhaps some hidden, undiscovered continent within himself. Gemini is the men?tal explorer.

His eyes are sharp and his talents are multiple. He has a brilliant humor, tact, diplomacy and adroitness-yet he lacks persistence and patience. He throws away the precious old too quickly for the untried new, then lives to regret the instant disposal. In spite of all the people around him, he shares his deepest emotions only with his one constant companion-his other twin self. The air is his element and his real home. He's a stranger to earth.

Gemini can charm a bird right out of its tree and give it five new songs to sing. But the restless Mercurial mind can too easily overlook the bluebird of happiness waiting wist?fully year after year in his own backyard. He wears clear yellows, greens and blues, silver and gray-and his moods reflect his glittering aquamarine jewel. He has the light touch, echoed in the delicate fragrance of the lily-of-the-valley, and he has breathed the fresh promise of the greenest ferns in the deepest part of the forest. But the cold metal of Mercury divides Gemini with twin desires, until he stops-and waits-and listens-to his own heart?beat

Famous Gemini Personalities

Bennett Cerf John Dillinger Arthur Conan Doyle Bob Dylan

Duke of Edinburgh lan Fleming Errol Flynn Judy Garland Paul Gauguin Thomas Hardy Bob Hope Al Jolson

John F. Kennedy Beatrice Lillie Marilyn Monroe Cole Porter Rosalind Russell Prancoise Sagan Wallis Simpson Michael Todd Rudolph Valentino Walt Whitman Frank Lloyd Wright Brigham Young





"I could tell you my adventures- beginning from this morning-"

"At least I knew who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then."

Being in love gives you a nice sense of warm security. There's that heavenly comfort of always knowing some?one. is going to be there when you need him-that you no longer walk alone. All the doubts you knew before just melt away. That is, unless you're having a romance with a Mercury man, which might take the edge off that "warm security." In fact, you'll adjust much better to a Gemini if you send him out for a loaf of bread on Monday and don't expect him back until Thursday. Never look for him until you see him coming-and don't hang onto his coat-tails when he wants to leave.

Once you've schooled yourself to accept his restless, un?predictable spirit, there's a good chance of making it work. But not if you're going to insist on "that heavenly conafort of always knowing someone is going to be there." Yom'll probably never know for sure when this man is going to be anywhere, and that can bring back some of those doubts romance is supposed to melt away. It's true that when you're in love with a Gemini, you won't walk alome. You most certainly won't. You'll have at least two people to walk with you-and both of them will be him. He was born under the sign of the twins, you know. In his case, they're never identical twins. The dual nature of Germini combines two completely different personalities. Yom might even be involved with one of those Mercury mem who are triplets or quintuplets, and if so, you have quilte a crowd to keep you company, even. when you're alone with him.

The typical Gemini is the favorite of every hostess. He likes people. The more the merrier. It's a rare Geminian who's not a perfectly delightful conversationalist. He has exquisite taste, he's loaded with witty remarks, and his com?pliments are masterpieces of warm sincerity. Usually a master of impeccable manners and social adroitness, he keeps the party moving in more ways than one.

You know those scavenger hunts, where people pair off with a list of whacky items to collect, like a hair from the head of a famous movie star and a piece of the blotter on the desk of the chief of police, and the couple which has rounded up the most items on the list gets the prize? It's the Gemini's favorite kind of party, because it combines the highest possible exposure to people of all kinds with the highest possible opportunity to move around from place to place-and he seeks both.

If you meet him first at a social affair where he's per?forming his fascinating multiple personality act, you haven't a chance. You'll be convinced he's the most ex?citing, interesting, intelligent man you've ever come across. No one could quarrel with that analysis. He probably is. It's no wonder you're excited and impressed. But before you let him change your name, be sure you're capable of 'tackling an uncertain future with a man whose whims may change with the wind, and whose goals in life may shift drastically before the honeymoon is even over. Geminian Walt Whitman once wrote the lines: "Do I con?tradict myself? ... I contain multitudes." Whether he realized it or not, he was summing up the Mercury nature.

One day your Gemini man may call on you with a chattering monkey perched on his shoulder and suggest going to a flea circus. He'll bring you flowers, perfume, a phonograph record or a couple of books, maybe even one he wrote himself. The hours will speed by as you happily sun yourself in his cheerful disposition, laugh at his bright, ;lever jokes and melt under his gay, gallant charm. He'll ay "I love you," a hundred different ways, like no one ilse in the world could do.

The next day, he'll phone you and break a date for no iarthly reason whatsoever, causing you to imagine all sorts of things. Was he only joking about loving you? Is he ' ;eing someone else? Is he in trouble? Your fears may be "ue. Then again, they may be false. A week later, he'll sappear, full of sarcastic remarks, moody and irritable.

He'll be impatient, critical and petulant. He may criticize your shoes, your lipstick or your literary taste, and have some pretty cutting doubts about the possibility of your happiness together. Either all this, or he'll be sullen and troubled, his mind far away, distant and aloof. No use asking why, you won't get an answer that makes any sense.

If you survive that experience, a few more days will find you visiting an art gallery, theater, museum, library or opera with your Gemini man, absolutely hypnotized by his knowledge and wide interests. Hell be unusually tender, full of fragile, butterfly dreams and imaginative hopes for tomorrow. Then he'll propose. Like that. Quick as light?ning. You'll forget all the thunder and storm clouds, all the rain that fell before, say "yes," before he changes his mind-and there you are-engaged to an enigma.

Yes, I said enigma. If you expect anything else, like a man who's stable and patient, who will gently play Darby to your Joan while life and love glide on as smoothly as a gondola down a romantic canal in Venice, you're headed in the same direction as a merry-go-round. In circles. Get off fast and never mind about grabbing the brass ring. Don't let the gay, light-hearted music seduce you into following a painted scene of constantly changing colors, with shades of dreary gray as likely to show up as sunny yellow or blissful blue. If you're an incurable romantic, seeking perfect harmony, you're in more than a little danger.

No matter what the rest of his natal chart says, if the Sun was in Gemini when he was born, this man will not remain tomorrow what he is today, nor will he have any lasting memory of yesterday. In one way or another, he will change. Granted, the changes may always be for the better and he may.consistently aim higher. But the element of chance is always there. If you're a gambler, you may very well hit the jackpot with him, and find a glorious mental and emotional compatibility to celebrate on your golden wedding anniversary. But all good gamblers know the odds before they place their bet. Just be sure you do. Two rare exceptions to Geminian instability of purpose seem to be President Kennedy and England's Queen Vic?toria. However, keep in mind that John Kennedy had, at all times a multitude of interests, which changed constantly, and Queen Victoria (who was very close to being a Taurus by planetary position) brought about a great many important changes in her country's customs. Anyway, very few of us marry kings, queens or presidents, who have been forced by circumstances to mature and Settle into a set pattern.

An excellent example of Geminian duality of expression is the confession of a woman who was exposed to it. The Mercury-ruled man was a producer, and the woman was a famous, dark-haired Pisces actress. After a weekend party with friends as the guest of the Gemini on his boat, during which he was openly insulting, rude and aloof to her, by turns, the actress was dismayed and puzzled. Later, she made the remark, "I don't know what's wrong with him. He must hate me. I've never done anything to him, yet he hardly spoke a word to me all weekend." Ah, but don't you see, she had done something to him. She had made him fall in love with her. The emotion was serious enough for him to marry her soon after the incident. But how did he react to his first knowledge of a feeling of tenderness toward her? As though she were Lucretia Borgia.

Her experience probably won't keep you from leaping into a romance with a Mercury man. Still, it might soothe the wounds of a few of you girls who have been suffering from the cold actions of a Gemini who's probably help?lessly in love with you and cleverly concealing it for his own, unfathomable reasons. Geminis have an unconscious urge to disguise their true intent, to fence with others verbally and cloak their motives with dual actions. In general, they seek to confuse you. Then with true Geminian inconsistency, they'll turn right around and be so direct, they'll fairly take your breath away with their frankness and bluntness.

Loving a Gemini is easy and fun, if you don't try to get too close. There's a inner core that belongs only to him, that he'll never share with another human being, even you. Keep things cool and light, and don't be overly passionate or dramatic. Don't bore him, always excite him and your Gemini romance can be very special. Don't rebel against his changeability. Change with him. Be as alert and inter?ested in life as he is. Otherwise, the love affair could become just one of those things. He seeks a mental com?panion above all else. One who can match his wits, even top him now and then, because he's not an egotist. He's a realist, and he thrives on mental challenge. The last thing he wants is a doormat or a dull mouse. Let your brain show through, your feminine image. It won't scare him off, as it might some men. It will spin him around in the right direction-toward you.

Geminis tend to discard old friends for new ones, but not because they're heartless. Their own personalities fluc?tuate and advance so relentlessly, it's only natural for them to seek those who match their interests at the time. Any?where Gemini hangs his hat is home. There's seldom any deep, lasting attachment to old memories, places, people and things. During a long period of loneliness, he can shed some sentimental tears, but it's the loneliness that does it, rather than nostalgia for yesterday. He's gregarious, and he hates-even fears-being alone for extended periods. If you can hit him with the message that you'll be a partner who will always be around, but who won't lean on him nor expect him to lean on you, he'll probably consider signing a long-term contract. But remember those odds. Many Geminis marry more than once, although multiple marriage is more likely to occur when they wed too young than if they wait for maturity. Not every Gemini has two wives, but he'll have two of almost everything else-perhaps two cars, two apartments, two college degrees, two jobs, two dreams, two pets, two razors, two hobbies, two ambitions. He likes to double up.

My good Gemini friend Frank Blair, NBC newsman on the "Today" show, even takes his annual vacation at two separate times during the year. His hobbies? He pilots his own private plane, sails his own boat and plays a mean. game of golf. (I'm not sure, but I think Frank may be one of the triplet Geminis.) He plays two musical instruments, has multiple children, multiple awards and trophies on his office wall at NBC, multiple friends, two shifts at the net?work (one for the "Today" program, another for recording "Emphasis" and special shows), two electric razors in his desk and at least a dozen dreams and plans at a time, which change about every six months. He has just one wife. (He must have a Cancer or Taurus ascendant.) You'll note that he's also in a typically Gemini occupation-broad?casting. Mercury rules communication and news. He cer?tainly has the Gemini charm and manual dexterity. Frank often pours a glass of tomato juice, dictates to his secretary, phones his wife, shaves, and packs his brief case-somehow all at once. Geminis are experts at sleight of hand.

In financial matters, the duality takes over again. A Mercury man may be at first fabulously generous, then abruptly turn miserly. If you average out his twin attitudes, my guess is that the generosity would win, hands down. Gemini has little desire to accumulate either money or knowledge. In each case, he prefers to absorb it, sort it, and give it back improved. He's the communicator whose function is to create ever new, original ideas and serve others through the versatility of his quick, brilliant mental processes.

Will he be faithful to you? In his fashion, yes, he will. There are a thousand answers to that question where Mercury is concerned. He likes to converse and he likes to mix. He's also strangely attractive to women, so there may be occasions for whispers and suspicions. But you can count on this: It's a rare Gemini man whose deeply ingrained sense of fairness will let him be dishonest in his actions if you have faith in him. I mean real faith and real trust. Not the kind that secretly wonders. He'll always be able to sense if you secretly wonder. Mercury minds often intercept your private thoughts as though you were broad?casting them. However, it's not a good idea to expect a Gemini husband to give all females a cold shoulder just because he wears a wedding band. Females are part of the scene, and Gemini must make the scene. If they're around, he'll talk to them-maybe even laugh with them or have a drink with them. It's only natural for Mercury to communi?cate, regardless of the sex of the listener. But that doesn't mean he has to romance them.

It's true that there are lots of Geminians who are just plain, outright promiscuous, yet no matter what you've heard, there's always a cause. To be mistrusted or mis?understood in any area deeply distresses a Mercury man. It frustrates and depresses him, and such an unhappy Gemini can fly here and there, seeking relief from tangled emotions. When he's free from a feeling of mental isola?tion, and has nothing to prove to anyone, he loses the com?pulsion to experiment and take flights of fancy. A woman who has perfect mental harmony with a Gemini need never fear emotional or physical unfaithfulness. That's so true of these men, it's almost a cut and dried rule. But he won't be chained unreasonably. To expect your Gemini not to smile back when someone smiles at him, whether it's a child or an adult, a man or a woman, is to expect the sun not to shine. His cheerful, friendly nature seeks companionship constantly. It could be the conductor on the commuter train or the waitress at the coffee shop around the comer from where he works. Don't try to stifle him. When any?one tries to confine the Gemini's spirit, he can become as elusive and as unpredictable as the wind itself.

With the youngsters, hell be a buddy, but not a dis?ciplinarian, and he'll teach them a lot before they even get to kindergarten. They'll probably love to confide in him, because he'll seldom be shocked or harsh in his judgment. He knows how to love without smothering. The relation?ship between the Gemini and his children is usually very close, but perhaps a bit loose, even though that may sound contradictory. As affectionate, exciting and lively as he is with young people, he may fail to insist that they follow routines, since he dislikes routines so much himself. There's also a tendency to criticize their behavior one day and approve of it the next day, which can confuse them. Although hell manage a good lecture, you'd better expect the spankings and really serious discipline to fall in your department. Gemini fathers tend to spoil their children.

His imagination may run away with him, and cause him to make an occasional statement he can't back up. You'll have to make him see the importance of keeping his word. Regardless of all his good intentions, a few of his quick impulsive promises may be broken. If the children don't tie him down in any way, or keep him from his multiple activities, he'll enjoy them enormously. One word of warn?ing: Although he will seldom punish the children physically, the Gemini proclivity for sudden, stinging, sarcastic speech may cause deep wounds in little hearts or create a hurt which can be remembered for a lifetime. There may also be a reluctance to show affection in the form of kisses and hugs, unless a conscious effort is made to overcome the natural Geminian coolness. Yet, I've known some Gemini parents who seem to give the warmth they can't release to ^adults in abundance to their children. See that the young?sters don't confine him needlessly, don't ask him to babysit unless he obviously wants to, and he'll take to fatherhood nicely, with one child or a dozen.

Jealousy is something you may never have to worry about with a Gemini husband, because possessiveness is not a typical Gemini trait. If suspicion occasionally whispers in his ear, he'll usually brush it away (unless an affliction in the natal chart indicates otherwise). Some degree of jealousy is natural in everyone, of course, but it's normally not exaggerated in a Gemini. Love is not a strictly physical relationship with this man. He hears more, sees more and feels more through his senses than others do, and Mercury helps him record the most delicate impressions vividly. His love has such an airy, elusive quality, it may seem to lack the earthy passion of other Sun signs. But if you're not seeking a wild cave man who will drag you into the woods by the hair, he should be a more than satisfactory lover. He'll speak of his emotions with romantic, imagina?tive phrases, and fill the hunger of your heart with the strange beauty of his idealism.

Remember that the typical emotional coldness of Mer?cury can be warmed considerably if you both hear the same music and dream the same dreams. He must expe?rience a total blending of the mind and the spirit before the physical passions catch up in intensity. That may seem oblique, but it's the only real road to his heart.

You'll have to get used to the word "if." He'll say, "If I loved you, we could . . ." and "If I loved you, there might be . . ." and sometimes never finish the sentence. You may have to listen with your heart and finish it for him. Blot out the word "if." He only uses it as a smoke screen or as a safety precaution. Harsh, critical nagging and continual emotional scenes will surely dull the edge of the fine, sensitive Gemini love. Try to squeeze a puddle of mercury in your hand. What happens? It dissolves immediately into hundreds of sparkling silver balls that quickly escape through your tightly clenched fingers. One Gemini man whose wife thought she knew him very well wrote the fol?lowing lines just before he left her, and she found them among his papers after the divorce:

"Into the dream you came

And across the soft carpet of my reverie you walked

With hobnail boots ..."

You'll often read or hear it said that Geminis must always have two loves at once. This Gemini duality, hinting at deception, is so frequently mentioned, it may cause unfounded anxiety. May I modify that description? A Gemini needs two loves. Not necessarily two women. That's a riddle. If you truly understand him, youll know the answer to it.




The GEMINI Woman


Though she managed to pick plenty of beautiful rushes as the boat glided by, there was always a more lovely one that she couldn't reach. "The prettiest are always further!" she said at last,

with a sigh at the obstinacy of the rushes in growing so far off.

Have you always secretly thought Brigham Young had a sensational idea when he advocated several wives for one man? Do you inwardly envy the Eastern potentates with their harems? You needn't resign yourself to romantic Walter Mitty daydreams. Just marry a Gemini girl. That way, you'll be guaranteed at least two different wives, and on occasional weekends, as many as three or four.

Naturally, there's a small catch. The difference between a girl born under the sign of the twins and a harem is her apparent lack of interest in earthy passion. It's hard to get her to settle down long enough to take passion or anything else very seriously. Her mind is always traveling, and she keeps up a pretty good running commentary simultane?ously. But look a little deeper. Somewhere, hidden among the several women who make up one Gemini female, is a romantic one-one who is capable of intense passion, if you can manage to make the mental, spiritual and physical blending complete. How to develop her and still enjoy all the other women bottled up inside the Geminian person?ality may create a problem. I can tell you that one Gemini girl equals several women. But I'm afraid it's up to you to delve into the advanced algebra of sorting them out. Each individual case is different.

Her age will be an important clue to what you can expect, because until she matures, romance is only a game to her. She can be fickle and unpredictable to an incredible degree. First she'll be ecstatically carried away by your smile and your voice, even the way you walk. Then she'll reverse her ecstasy and criticize everything from your socks to your haircut, and she usually does it with such clever, sharp sarcasm, you may need iodine for your wounds. Now, don't let this put you out of the market for a Gemini woman. Remember you're getting at least two for one, and that's indisputably a bargain.

Mercury females aren't as heartless as they seem to be 'at times. Their active imaginations create many fantasies. Romance is the easiest way they can express them, and Geminis have at least twice as much to express as other women. A Gemini man can be a producer, a singer, a sailor, a lawyer, an actor, a salesman and the chairman of a few boards of directors all at once-and express himself ad infinitum. But a woman can't very well swing all that, or she would be considered a little freakish. Not that Mercury girls don't pursue careers. They do. Almost every last one of them. But under the existing conditions of society, a career still doesn't offer her as many opportunities as romance to try out her myriad theories and practice her emotional gymnastics.

The Gemini girl needs your pity, not your anger. It's painfully difficult for her to really commit herself to one person at a time. While she's being impressed with a man's mental abilities and his intelligent wit, another side of her is noticing his antipathy toward the arts or his lack of response to music and poetry. When she finds someone who's appropriately creative, who's at home at the ballet or in the literary world, the duality pops up again. Right in the middle of a stroll through the museum, her other self will begin to wonder if he's practical enough to make a living or if he has enough common sense to know where he's going. I trust you're beginning to have a more sympa?thetic understanding of the conflicts peculiar to those born in June.

Give her credit. Shell usually manage to keep her be?wilderment at her own complex character to herself, and not burden you with it. She's a lively and gay companion. Most of the time (when the mood is on the up-swing), she'll sparkle with a vivacious personality, amuse you with her clever, witty remarks, and converse intelligently about almost any subject under the sun. She enjoys all the senti?mental gestures of romance and has no trouble making conquests. No woman you've ever met will delight you with more imaginative ways of loving you and such appeal?ing charm. She can flutter her lashes with delicate femi?ninity, but she's not at all helpless when it comes to earning her own living. A Gemini woman can play the giddy party girl to perfection, flattering a helpless, trapped male right out of his mind and his bank book. But she can smoothly change into a demure and adoring housewife, from which she can quickly switch into a serious intellectual who studies the great philosophers and talks about politics or poetry brilliantly, then suddenly turn into a bundle of raw emotion, full of nerves, tears and fears. She's certainly not stuffy or monotonous.

If you think this is an exaggeration, remember the late Marilyn Monroe. Every man she ever knew, from Carl Sandburg to her hairdresser, saw her as a totally different person than the other men who thought they knew her, too. Place a photograph of her as the seductive love god?dess next to a picture of her wearing horn-rimmed glasses, a babushka and no make up, seriously intent on a lecture about Russian authors. Then add a third and fourth shot of her in a gingham apron, learning to bake a cheese soume for a husband whose athletic talents and warm, human qualities she worshiped-and walking sedately beside an?other husband whose intellectual abilities and literary talent she deeply respected and admired. Add two more photos. One showing her with a tear-stained face, full of longing, after losing her third baby-another shot of her in a bikini, gaily laughing with a handsome French movie star on the Riviera. These are not posed pictures. They were snapped when she wasn't even looking, let alone seeking publicity. It's a perfect example of the eye of the camera exposing all the women contained in one Gemini female, who suc?cessfully kept her multiple nature hidden behind the image she chose to project the most frequently.

Your Mercury-ruled girl longs to be "really, truly in love," but it keeps eluding her. She yearns for motherhood, but often that eludes her, too. She finds a different perfec?tion in each man she meets, as she restlessly searches for the one man who has all the qualities she needs for happiness.

You'll find her a great pal. The Mercury girl will go along with you on anything from scuba diving to speed racing-bicycling or badminton. She'll show an interest in all the outdoor sports, and still manage to look as soft and feminine as a powder puff, with a mind as fast as a whip. The Geminian sharp mentality will show clearly when her curiosity is excited by any new subject. Her Mercurial mind will let her see all the intricacies of your creative ideas, and she'll probably throw in a few promotional schemes of her own. As long as you don't demand con?sistency from her, she'll be completely fascinating.

It's only fair to warn you that this girl can sincerely believe she's in love, and find other men attractive at the same time. Unless she's near you all the time, she can forget you quicker than a woman born under any other Sun sign. It's her nature to accept change, even seek it. Until she leams to control her devoted courtship of con?stant activity, neglecting to cultivate patience and stability, the Gemini female can make quite a mess of her life- and yours. Fortunately for the men in love with them, most Geminian women settle down into a deeper understanding of their own natures before it's too late.

Once you've proposed to her and she's accepted, you can pity all those men who are doomed to a life of monogamy with just one woman. You'll have several wives when you marry your Gemini.

Wife Number One will be able to adjust to anything you require of her. If you require faithfulness, she can manage that, too, providing you're interesting enough to have won her real love. I refer to that blending of mental, spiritual and physical compatibility, with the physical part added last, like the paprika, after the other three are well mixed. This wife will never sulk if you take a new job out of town. With her ingenuity, taste and sense of color, she can make a new home look lovely with a light touch of her dainty, clever hand. Besides, she'll love the adventure, and there will be no nagging reproaches that you're gambling with future security. The excitement of new horizons inter?ests her more. She may have a surprisingly good head for business and she'll back all your original ideas. You can count on her to go to work if you need extra income, and she'll be pretty practical about how to spend it. Although she may give an outward impression of flightiness, she's not as nighty as she appears. She's a thinker, and a very clever one, underneath all the bright small talk.

Wife Number Two will be moody. You might just as well expect it. She'll have her satirical moments when she can be cynical and flippant, by turns. At the same time, she'll challenge you mentally. But a man needs to be stimu?lated, doesn't he? Go ahead, top her in an intellectual argument. (It's what she secretly wants anyway.) This wife won't be easily shocked by life or have any preconceived prejudices. She may decide to march in a protest parade or join a sit-in and forget to come home until midnight. What if you do have to join the fellows while she's out making a speech or going to night school to pick up a few extra credits? At least she probably won't hound you with • suspicious questions about who you were with, where you were, and what you were doing. Don't question her, either. You're on the honor system. So is she. This one is a highly independent individualist.

Wife Number Three will be bored and depressed with housekeeping routines. The beds will be unmade and the dishes will stand in the sink while she daydreams, reads or writes the outline for a play. She may serve you a can of beans for 'dinner without even bothering to open the can. But you can have the most soul-satisfying conversations with her into the wee, small hours. She'll sympathize with your frustrations at the way life has treated you. She'll satisfy both your emotional and your intellectual cravings, be curious about your opinion of Buddhism and excited about your attempts to write a song. In short, she's pretty good company. She'll be very affectionate, too, since you haven't bugged her about dusting and baking and all that nonsense. This wife may make a mess of the checkbook now and then. But if you suggest a sudden camping trip or a few days in Las Vegas, she'll enthusiastically pack her suitcase without a bunch of silly objections, like how it's going to affect the budget or who will feed the Siamese cat and what if the bathtub leaks while you're gone.

Wife Number Four will be a gay and laughing mother. She won't let the children restrict her, because she'll prob?ably have too many projects going constantly to smother them with over-protectiveness. They'll imitate her inde?pendence and benefit by it. If anyone asks her how much time she spends with them, she'll probably answer, "In our family, it's not a matter of how much time. It's a matter of how much love." And she'll be right. The children may not always obey her, because she's inclined to be emphatic one day, then melt and give in the next, but the youngsters will love their long talks with her. Her imagination will match theirs, and they'll amuse each other. She'll probably be a permissive mother, but she'll worry about scholastic averages, and she'll probably insist on good grades. They won't get by without doing their homework if she can help it, although they may get by without hanging up their clothes.

Wife Number Five will be a beautiful hostess, an expert at the whole candlelight, flowers and sterling silver routine. You can bring anyone, from your boss to the Governor home to dinner, and she'll be so gracious and charming, they'll never want to leave. Shell organize her life efficiently and effortlessly, dress like a fashion model and love the theater. You can take her to art galleries and concerts- she'll be right at home in any kind of society. Everyone will stare at you enviously and wonder who the glamorous woman is who hangs on your arm so sweetly. She'll be romantic and ultra-feminine, maybe even write you a poem for your birthday. You'll want to buy her velvet dressing gowns and expensive perfumes, because her gracious style will make you feel like a country squire. If you mention a trip to Europe, her eyes will sparkle. She's a sophisticate.

Well, there you are. I may have missed a few girls in your Gemini harem. Every husband in town will be green with envy when they see you with a different woman every day. If they ask you how you get away with it, play it cool. Polygamy is against the law, you know.

Your Gemini woman will never take a train when she can fly. She'll never be silent when she can speak. She'll never turn away when she can help. And she'll never walk when she can run. Her mind is full of so many thoughts and her heart is full of so many hopes, she may seem to need a computer to sort it all out. Or does she just need someone who can run beside her and toss dreams with her-from here to tomorrow? If you're that man, she doesn't dare look over her shoulder to see if you're near. Some deep, unexplained fear within her keeps her from ever looking back. When you finally match her speed, get her to slow down to your pace. You can do it, if you hold her hand tightly and never let it go. Though Mercurial north winds drive her on, secretly she may long to rest awhile more than you know. Do hurry and try to reach her. She needs you.




The GEMINI Child

"Will you walk a little faster?"

said a whiting to a snail, "There's a porpoise close behind us,

and he's treading on my tail."


If the stork just delivered a Gemini baby to your house, sharpen your roller skates and shake the cobwebs out of your brain. You'll need to be fast and alert for the next fifteen to twenty years, and you might as well start right now, while your little bundle from Mercury is still pinned down in his crib. It won't be long before he learns to walk and talk. If you're not ready to fly beside him, he may slip in and out of your fingers like a glob of air. Did you ever try to hold on to a glob of air?

The U.S. Census Bureau figures prove that there are more multiple births during the period of Gemini, the twins, than at any other time of the year. So your June event might have been twins-or more. No? Don't be too sure. You may be able to count only ten toes and ten fingers, which adds up to one infant in most cases, but not necessarily in the case of a Gemini infant. There may have to be a change in your concept of mathematics. You'll see what I mean soon enough when he starts to crawl. It will happen a dozen times a day. You'll swear you just this second saw him with his hand inside the electric mixer in the pantry. But how could that be? There he is, all the way out on the front porch, blissfully chewing the petunias. How can he be two places at once? Remember that your offspring is ruled by Mercury. He's that Greek god you see pictured in books with wings on his feet, wearing a bright silver helmet. Stick a kitchen pan upside down on your Gemini baby's head for a helmet, and use your imagination for the wings sprouting out of his chubby little pink heels.

See the resemblance?

I have never personally approved of those harness-like attachments they sell to mothers to strap around their toddlers when they take them out shopping. It always makes me think the woman is walking her dog. However, I would strongly advise the mother of a Gemini child to buy two or three of them, just to be on the safe side.

Your first thought might be that, if baby is going to be that active, a sturdy playpen is a must. I can see your logic, even sympathize with it, but I'm not so sure about play?pens and Gemini children. Confinement in a small space can amount to cruelty with a little Geminian, whose entire nature urges him to seek, to explore, to learn. Even worse than the physical curtailment is the mental .boredom of being stuck on one little blue and pink plastic rectangular pad, with the whole exciting world out there to see and enjoy. Periods of being cooped up in a playpen should be brief. Too much restriction and hampering of the Geminian freedom can lead to emotional depression he may not out?grow so easily. Remember, he's an air sign, and air must move. Make sure he has a variety of toys and plenty of bright books to look at when you must keep him fenced in.

Of course, he won't stay there long, once he's had it. Mercury rules the vocal chords, and when your little Gemini tot decides to exercise his talent in this direction, youll wonder how all that noise could possibly come out of one small mouth. Bet you take him out of the playpen fast. Unless you have understanding neighbors, who are a little hard of hearing.

Gemini children often make older, more placid people nervous with their bird-like, quick movements. Grownups are always telling the little Geminian to stop fidgeting, or to be patient and do one thing at a time. But doing two things at a time is natural to these youngsters. What stodgy or poised people call fidgety is, to the Gemini, merely his normal state of activity. It's wrong to make him feel he would get more approval if he tried to imitate the slower, less lively people. He should be taught to slow down a little, perhaps, for his own good, but his basic nature can't be changed without frustrating his natural inclinations. We should try to remember that the quick Gemini child who annoys his more introverted elders-and the quiet, careful Capricorn child who irritates his more aggressive elders, are simply being themselves. Being yourself is always hard enough to do, without people trying to force a personality change.

Love your Gemini child for what he is-a friendly, alert, inquisitive and precocious little person. You can't turn the firefly into a snail or the snail into a firefly. Nor can the leopard change his spots. I might add that, if someone tries to scrub them off, he'll be a mighty unhappy, neurotic leopard.

Of course, you aren't raising leopards. You're raising a bright, interesting, enthusiastic child. But the analogy is logical. Let those spots of duality in your Gemini youngster remain. Someday he may make you proud of a building he designed and a literary prize he won; and when he mani?fests such a double talent, you'll wonder why you ever tried to stamp him into a single mold. If he leaps about as though he has jumping beans inside him he's just practicing the fast reflexes he was born with. His firefly mind can confuse you, but remember that it's pursuing a thousand fancies, sorting them, deciding which to discard and which to treasure.

Teachers will usually notice right away that these boys and girls have no trouble learning to read. Gemini almost invented words. They won't mind being called on to recite, and they may smile as the rest of the students sigh, when a theme is assigned. These youngsters delight in communi?cating with others and sharing their knowledge verbally or on paper. Many of them are mechanically inclined and ambidextrous. It's not unusual to find a Gemini child who writes with his left hand and draws with his right. He may bite his nails, but his fingers are normally slim and flexible, which makes him adept at magic tricks and playing musical instruments. Someday it could make him a fine surgeon, dentist or watchmaker. Gemini hands are sensitive, expres?sive and capable.

There's usually a marked ability to mimic others. The Gemini sense of sharp wit and satire appears early. At home or in school, the Gemini child lives in a world of make-believe and reality, constantly blending, where truth is often portrayed as fantasy, and fantasy is disguised as truth. He may give the impression of exaggerating or even telling lies. But he just can't help splashing a little color around when he's relating an incident, and he often con?vinces himself it really happened that way. At such times, he should be handled gently, since he's actually stretching and exercising his vivid imagination. Rather than make him feel guilty for having an imagination, he should be told always to speak the truth and write the story down on paper. Once he masters this, hell be able to see the differ?ence between the dream and the fact, instead of being lost somewhere between the two worlds. Gemini youngsters who aren't allowed to express and communicate naturally may retreat into a half-world of illusion in self-defense. It's a good idea to start him on foreign languages early-which he'll probably learn effortlessly. Like the Sagittarius child, he'll find bi-lingual talents will come in handy because he'll talk a lot and travel a lot.

The Gemini child who argues with you that he can do his homework and listen to the radio at the same time is probably telling the truth. If his grades back him up, why not? Geminis are never satisfied with one pursuit at a time. It's as if they had two lives to live in only one lifetime, so they must absorb all they can, as fast as they can. The chief dangers are a lack of patience and an unwillingness to persist until a thing is thoroughly learned. These young?sters have to be discouraged from a tendency to let then-quick intellects and glib wits skim over knowledge without completely understanding it.

Your Gemini child may find it hard to be punctual, because he's always running into some new discovery on his way to anywhere. He may also find it hard to listen without interrupting, because he's caught the thought in?stantly and doesn't want to hear the details. He may tend to repeat himself, but he won't allow you to do so, which quite naturally may irritate people. In the classroom, he can be distracted by a fly, a piece of colored paper or a wisp of smoke outside the window. It's never easy to get his attention, but when you do, you'll be richly rewarded by the Geminian's intent curiosity and flattering interest.

Your teenage Gemini boy will practically live on the telephone, go steady with a different person each week, change his mind a hundred times about his future career, drive the car a little too fast, putter with the engine and fix your washer. The girls will be popular and be able to turn on a shower of tears or a sunny smile like a light switch. These youngsters will keep you on your toes and keep you young.

When your Gemini child finally grows up, lots of people will tell you disapprovingly that "he has too many fingers stuck in too many pies." You'll smile then, and they may be annoyed. But you'll be remembering one spring day when he was seven. He stuck his fingers in your chocolate


pies, his father's shaving cream, the fish bowl, the garbage can, a pot of hot soup and an electric socket. You were furious. Later, at twilight, you watched him run around chasing lightning bugs in the grass. After a while, you sighed, and asked yourself aloud, "Why must he rush around so? Why must he get into everything? What in the world is he searching for?" He overheard you and it troubled him. You'll never forget the look in his bright, clear eyes when he answered. "Gee, Mommy ... I don't know. But don't you worry. I'll find it."



He said, "I look for butterflies

that sleep among the wheat 1 make them into mutton-pies,

And sell them in the street. I sell them unto men," he said,

"Who sail on stormy seas;

And that's the way I get my bread-

A trifle, if you please."

One day your Gemini boss will be a walking clock whose camera eye records each second you take past your coffee break. On another, he won't even notice if you come back three hours late from lunch. You can try flipping a coin to predict his changes. It's about as safe as anything else. I realize that it would be a big help to know which day he's going to take what attitude.

But the Gemini executive doesn't know himself which side of the bed he's going to get out on each morning, and since he doesn't know, you can see that I can't tell you. The safest way is not to expect him to be today what he was yesterday, and cross your fingers about tomorrow.

This man can be a brilliant, though restless, executive:

He's more at home in the president's chair than the other mutable signs of Virgo, Pisces or Sagittarius would be, but he's not equipped to command or lead others for his entire lifetime. A Gemini who thinks he's constituted to run a large company with calm assurance is just kidding himself (always considering the exceptions to the rule, like a Sun sign Gemini with a Leo ascendant and a Libra Moon, for example). In the first place, it's hard for him to sit still behind a desk for more than an hour at a time. President Kennedy, one of the rare Geminis equipped to take on the burdens of leadership, solved that problem neatly. He simply released his nervous energy by making his rocking chair fly.

Your Mercury-ruled boss must move around. Gemini is an air sign, and did you ever see air stand still? It may seem to sometimes on a hot, humid day (and so will a Gemini if you catch him in a rare moment), but that's only an illusion in both cases. The typical Gemini boss will wear a hole in the carpet pacing up and down if he's caged up in an office too long. He's happier as a management con?sultant, an efficiency expert or a vice president in charge of trouble-shooting than when he's forced into the con?fining mold of a nine-to-five position, no matter how fancy the title. He deals with ideas, principles and abstractions. The humdrum and material responsibilties of the average executive eventually depress his soaring spirit. Therefore, when a Gemini parachutes himself into an executive spot, he'll be quick to exercise his acute discrimination and dele?gate authority to others around him. These carefully chosen specialists will really run the business, freeing his own rest?less mind for progressive schemes and original plans that will double the company's profit and lower its overhead. He's impatient with dull, mundane details.

If your company just hired a Gemini as your superior you can expect some changes to be made in short order. The slowest form of communication around the place will probably be cablegrams, and he may require a few more buttons on his telephone than his predecessor. Your new Gemini boss won't be on the job a week before he's inquisi?tively poked around into every area of the operation. As soon as he learns what's being done and how it's being done, he'll want to know why. The answer, "We've always done it this way," will cause his bright eyes to turn to ice cubes that could freeze you at thirty paces. Gemini is not even slightly interested in or impressed with tradition. When he's told something is an old custom, that's reason enough for him to change it. The typical Mercury boss will •have the furniture moved around frequently, drive his

 secretary into a fit of the fidgets once a week with a new idea for a filing system that will work more efficiently, and change the work schedules back and forth until he finds one that clicks with him.

There's one thing you can count on, and one of the few things you can count on consistently with a Gemini. He   :, will never be monotonous. He'll seldom be dogmatic either.   ( His opinions are flexible. You can't mislead him or confuse   . the issue, because his quicksilver mind will instantly reduce the frills, penetrate the smoke screens and expose all sides of the question with crystal clarity. That means he also , exposes office intrigues with little difficulty. Sometimes, you'll swear he has eyes in the back of his head-and an   y extra pair of ears there, too. Speaking of his anatomy and such, it's even hard to credit him with just one pair of   ' feet, since there will be plenty of occasions when he appears   I to be two places at once.

Never fear that your Gemini employer will hate you or be your enemy. Few people interest him long enough for that kind of intensity. You won't be in his thoughts for more than an hour or so at a time. That's not long enough to work up any violent feelings, for or against. Besides, he has a pretty fair understanding about how the other person feels.

It may puzzle you to discover that, although your Gemini employer is an individualist in every way, he may not treat you as an individualist. It seems inconsistent, but then this is a dual sign, with more than one surprise. I don't mean that he won't respect your individual opinions.. He will. It's just that he doesn't always see you personally as an individual. The Geminian mind is so abstract that he often sees only basic designs in both objects and people. All kinds of people are fascinating to him, but he tends to categorize them according to their abilities, ideas and potential.

Yet this odd viewpoint doesn't make him unattractive as a human being. Quite the contrary. Even though his approach is far more rational than emotional, he likes people so much, they just can't help liking him back. With?out the constant challenge of human contact, he would dry up and float away. Mercury demands that he be gre?garious and live vicariously or be miserable. You'll rarely see him by himself. He may classify people by types and remain detached emotionally, but he needs them around.

Your Gemini boss will probably have considerable powers of persuasion. He can wheedle you into or talk you out of most anything, simply by dousing you with a bucket of that irresistible charm and wit of his. But it's a compen?sating talent he was given by the planets at birth, that hides a basic coldness of nature. Gemini lives in vague, airy palaces in the sky the average person can't reach. His true character, despite his surface warmness, is cool, aloof and lonely, in the final analysis, searching for something inside itself more than from others, no matter how frequently he seeks their company. Yet, he's not unsympathetic. His manner can be gentle and compassionate, but at the same time, he offers his sympathy and understanding the same way he offers love and friendship-from a distance.

He'll have an excellent sense of humor, and you can win him over with a joke more quickly than with tears. He's not overly sentimental, but hell always see the ridiculous side of things. A sense of humor is a prerequisite to true intelligence, so it's not surprising to find it in the Mercury people, though sometimes it may be tinged with sharp sarcasm. There will always be a slight whirl of confusion around a Gemini-run office-and constant activity. -But he won't be the one who is confused. Gemini sorts it all out and clears the muddy waters of all the gunk. His quick eye and his trigger fast brain work in perfect synchronization. The eye will probably have a twinkle in it. He'll be the company's best salesman, make speeches and entertain a lot. And he'll probably travel so much, he may keep a suitcase ready to fly at a moment's notice. If he flirts with the pretty new secretary, better tell her he's not the least bit serious, just sharpening his charm a little.

Enjoy this boss while you can, because Geminis get suddenly bored after they've made financial or business successes, and they rush off to the next challenge long before retirement time. Before he goes, leam what you can about his strategy. It's really fantastic. He's an expert at double talk. He'll run around an argument in circles, mix you up, turn you around, then win you over to his side before you realize what's happened. Yet, as clever as he is in competitive situations, he's still an incurable dreamer, and a smashingly good storyteller. Pay no attention to what nationality he says he is. Whether he was born in Israel, Australia or Afghanistan, every single Gemini in the world is Irish at heart. How else could he possess such a wonderful gift of blarney? Notice all those green ties he wears. What did I tell you-pure County Cork.



The GEMINI Employee

"The time has come," the Walrus said,

"To talk of many things;

Of shoes-and ships-and sealing wax-•

Of cabbages-and kings- And why the sea is boiling hot-

And whether pigs have wings."

Yet, what can one poor voice avail Against three tongues together?

Do you have some employees around your office who talk fast, move fast and think fast? Do they look young and act young, forget about their ages? Are they unpredictable, restless, original and impatient? What a smart man you are! You've gone and hired yourself some Geminis.

It's easy to understand why. With all that charm and guile, not to mention flashing intellect and creative imagina?tion, you probably couldn't help yourself. Now that you've had a chance to watch these Mercury people in action, you've learned that they can take an abstract idea and reduce it to a formula better than anyone else in the office. Your Aquarian employee can think in wildly abstract terms, your Aries employee can toss out some red-hot ideas, smothered in enthusiasm, and the Virgos can organize the details meticulously. But Gemini can do all three.

Before you fire those other people, however, remember that the Gemini doesn't have the intense drive of the Aries, nor the willingness to work overtime. He also lacks the fixed and steady purpose of the Aquarian and he'll never understand the endless, devoted dedication of the Virgo. We won't cover the other Sun signs. You get the general idea. Your Gemini employee is not a one-man show, all by himself, even if he is a dual personality. He'll come closer to it than anyone else, but you'll need the other workers just the same.

Geminis share with Virgo, Aries, Leo and Scorpio a built-in ability to deal with emergencies. They can meet a crisis swiftly. The typical Gemini will make instant deci?sions and go into action while most of the people around him are still polishing their skis. He's easily bored with routine, happiest when he's free, so don't try to chain him down to the work bench. He'd rather do a stretch of time in Sing Sing than work for a clock-watcher. At least in prison he could turn his curious mind to studying the behavior of the inmates. I'd sincerely like to point out here that the Gemini behind bars is a lonely man who couldn't find the right niche for his multiple talents in an over-organized, conformist society. Many a Gemini forger or petty thief is basically as honest as the judge who sentenced him, and twice as idealistic. When Gemini is made to feel guilty about his vivid imagination and restless energy in childhood, then constantly criticized by the business world for being too progressive and refusing to fit into stale patterns, his high sense of moral and mental ethics becomes distorted, and he strikes out on the only original path he feels is left to him.

Most Geminis are so glibly persuasive they can talk people into buying things they couldn't possibly even use. It's never a mistake to utilize their talents in sales or pro?motional activities. When the Gemini's silver tongue gets through extolling the virtues of your firm, you won't even recognize it yourself, even if you're a blind egotist about your own company. Send your Gemini man out to sell the public, or to wheedle your customers and clients in res?taurants and on golf courses. Or send him on the road to gather up an avalanche of good will and orders for busi?ness. If you must keep him in the office, be careful where you place him. He doesn't resent supervision as fiercely as Leo or Aries, but he will become nervous and inadequate if he's confined and unable to express himself. When this happens, your Gemini employee will break his shackles and breeze off to more freedom without an instant's regret. Now don't run in and take a hasty peek at his desk to see if he's still there. He won't fly away or disappear into thin air until he's had a chance to tell you his reasons and take his chances of winning you over to his point of view. Unless you hear differently, directly from him, he's probably as happy as a winged messenger from the gods could be here m earth, doing whatever it is you have him applying his agile mind to. If there's an office pool of any kind, you may see your Leos, Aries and Sagittarius people doing lots of showy betting, but you can bet your old Brooklyn Dodgers button hat it was probably masterminded by one of those streaks )f lightning you employ who was born in June. The Gemini von't throw extravagant sums of money into a complicated mbble scheme as readily as Leo, the lion. He's more likely :o risk his security in a situation where there's a challenge o his wits, where there's fast action and a quick return. His conversation will be full of phrases like "Let's give it i spin," "It's worth a flyer," and "I'll try anything once." And he will, too. Try anything once, that is. Twice is out.

He's bored by then.

Your Gemini employee may be conspicuous by his absence or absent-mindedness (same thing), during base?ball season or golfing play-offs. Most Mercury people enjoy these sports, and many of them have participated, thanks to the uncanny Geminian dexterity. There's little he can't do with the synchronization of his intelligence and his clever hands, and that can include calculating precisely how to swat a white ball over the fence or making a hole-in-one on the green. Sports often attract him as a way to work off all that nervous energy. In the long run, however, the Gemini prefers to exercise his wits and give his mind a workout, so he can bat plenty of home runs for your firm. Still, he should be encouraged to engage in physical activity. It will wear him out so he can sleep. All Geminis are prone to insomnia. Many Gemini employees who work in offices where they're required to be on the job early in the morn?ing can be recognized by the circles under their eyes.

Your Geminis will keep the office humming with busy activity, lots of jokes and gay chatter. But they'll get things done. The Mercury secretary may be the fastest typist in the crowd, and quick to catch your dictation. Normally, if she's a typical Gemini, she'll be able to form an intelli?gent, clearly-stated letter with just a hint from you about the subject matter. In spite of her secretarial talents, you might be better off to put her out in front where she can charm the people who walk in the door and run the switch?board for you. (Doing two things at once and juggling them expertly is no problem for a Mercury girl.) You'll have fewer disgruntled people calling you. Not only will she sweet talk strangers cleverly, she's not apt to scramble the cords and cut you off in the middle of a call to Kalamazoo to connect you with Katanga.

I'd better warn you not to discuss raises, bonuses, com?missions and such with a Gemini, if you can possibly help it. Use a stem Capricorn or a dogmatic Taurus or a no-nonsense Virgo as your middle man. If you don't, the Gemini may talk you into giving him a higher position with the firm than you have available without firing your wife's brother and twice as much money as you make yourself. He'll make it all seem perfectly logical. It's much safer to avoid financial huddles with a persuasive Gemini. If you're game, go ahead and try it. But you may come out of the huddle having promised him a weekly expense account that would support a couple of Virgos and Cancerians for a year.

You're likely to trip over a few broken hearts in the office hallways when you have Mercury employees. A flirta?tion or two a month and a rather fickle way of changing his mind is the average behavior before maturity. There's a youthful air of irresponsibility about many a Gemini (unless the natal chart indicates a more stable nature). He has a mind at least a million years old, and the emotions of a teenager. He'll look like one, too.

The truth is that the Gemini, like Peter Pan, hates to grow up. And like Peter, he needs a Wendy as smart as he is to clean house for him every spring, letting him come and go as he pleases. If you're the kind of boss to play office Cupid, don't introduce him to any other kind of girl, or you may have to loan him money to pay his ali?mony shortly afterwards.

Do you want to make your office really swing? Put your Aries employee and your Gemini employee together in a room to discuss a new project. Then stuff some cotton in your ears to protect them from a sound like one hundred adding machines and two hundred ticker tapes all going at once. Stand close by with a big, strong net to catch all the pink balloons that will be flying through the air. Gather them up, take them in to your office, and study them care?fully before you stick a pin in them. One of them is likely to contain a million dollar idea.

He thought he saw an Albatross

That fluttered round the lamp:

He looked again, and found it was

A penny-postage-stamp. "You'd best be getting home," he said, "The nights are very damp."


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